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Juneau-Douglas City Museum

The Juneau History Grant

Each year students, teachers, organizations and individuals of all ages are encouraged to apply for funding to assist them in the completion of a project which will document, preserve or improve access to the history of the Juneau-Douglas area. Projects may include, but are not limited to: live performances, public presentations, research papers, recordings, videotape, use of computers or other media. The 1980 Juneau Centennial Committee set aside an endowment to help fund projects each year.

A committee will read and judge proposed projects on the following criteria:

  • Historical value to the community and exploration of new themes;

  • Can be accomplished within the stated timeline;

  • Realistic and balanced budget;

  • Historic accuracy and objectivity, as indicated by proposed sources and methodology;

  • Will produce a tangible product to be shared with the community.


Applications for 2014/2015 grant projects will be posted in April 2014 and will be due June 30, 2914.


For more information call 586-3572 or email the Museum


Listing of Juneau History Grant Funded Projects