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Zach Gordon Youth Center

ZGYC Climbing Wall


The Zach Gordon Youth Center features a public climbing wall, courtesy of the Juneau Rotary Club. The climbing wall is free for youth 20 and younger during open facility hours, and is also available for private rentals at a rate of $25/ hour +tax.  If available, our staff can provide all training and climbing knowledge necessary, so don't worry if you have never climbed before!


During the summer, the climbing wall will have no official hours; however if you or your family wants to climb, feel free to stop in and our staff will gladly help you.  For more information, call 586-2635.

Climbing Signals:

Belay signals are specific verbal commands that allow a climber to communicate needs to the belayer. Participant must know these signals to be certified to climb on the wall. They need to be communicated prior to climbing.

  • Belay On - Belayer to Climber. Means he/she is ready to protect himself.

  • Climb - Belayer to Climber. Said in addition to or in place of Belay On to more strongly indicate to his/her partner to come ahead.

  • Climbing - Climber to Belayer as climber starts up.

  • Belay Off - Said by either the belayer or climber. Indicates the belay either may be or is being dispensed with. Keep the belay on until the climber says belay off or equivalent. This should normally be only after he/she is anchored.

  • Rope - Climber to Belayer. Short for up rope. The climber wants the belayer to take up more rope and create less slack. It means taking in rope whether up or down.

  • Slack - Climber to Belayer. Opposite of rope. The climber is indicating to the belayer that he/she needs more rope. Never say take up slack, when you mean rope.

  • Tension - Climber to Belayer. It means hold the rope tight. It can also mean to hold as tight as you can.

  • Falling - Climber to Belayer. It means the climber is falling and expecting the belayer to tighten the rope and "save" him/her.