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Schedules and Rosters are online!  Check the links at the bottom!

Post season schedule is available at the link

12/3/18 Updated Post Season Tournament Bracket here



The fee to participate in youth sports is $55 for the first two participants, while the additional third child fee is $17.  The late fee will continue to be $10.  The fee to sign up at the half way (and beyond) point of the season will be $30.  All Start Smart programs will be $35/child.


Parent Reminders for a safe season found here


If you have not heard from a coach by October 6, please contact our office.


Registration Information


Youth registration form: here

Start Smart Sports Development form (ages 3-4): Click Here

Online Registration: Click Here


Schedule & Roster

JERSEY COLORS: Left Column/Visitors - Blue and Right Column/Home - White

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    Volunteer coaches and paid referees are needed!! Give us a call at 586-0426



Special Information


Evaluate your child's coach: Click Here

Coach's evaluation of your team: Click Here


Gyms Used

Gastineau, Marie Drake, Dzantik'i Heeni, Glacier Valley, Harborview, Floyd Dryden, Mendenhall River, Riverbend, Auke Bay and Thunder Mt. High School Aux Gym.

Ball Sizes

Ages: Ball Sizes:
Ages 5-10 Size 4
Ages 11-18 Size 5