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Augustus Brown Pool

Augustus Brown Swimming Pool

Specialized Aquatic Training




                                        Water Safety Instructor Course



  • Participants must be at least 16 years of age on or before the last scheduled day of the instructor course.
  • Successfully demonstrate compentency in the precourse swim skills evaluation.  (click here for swim skills).


Class Dates,Times & Locations - You must attend all classes at both facilities.  - Click her for dates, times & locations


Mandatory Pre-Course Session:



Registration fee (payable to CBJ):                                    $75.00

Materials (purchased at Dimond Park Aquatic Center): $85.00

Certification fee (payable to Red Cross):                          $35.00






                        Water Safety and Life Saving


Basic Water Rescue


Lifeguarding Tomorrow

Lifeguard Readiness

Lifeguarding Today

Personal Water Safety               

No classes are scheduled at this time.  Please call 586-5325 to get on our wait list.  We will call when classes are scheduled.



Lifeguard Training



None scheduled at this time



Mandatory Pre-Course Session: None scheduled at this time




  • Registration fee (payable to CBJ): $125.00
  • Materials (purchased at Dimond Park Aquatic Center): $45.00
  • Certification fee (payable to CBJ): $35.00



Participants must be 15 years of age before the end of the course and must be able to pass a swim test prior to enrolling.


Lifeguard Pre-Requisite Swim Test

1.  300 Yards Continuous Swim

  • 100 yard front crawl stroke with rhythmic breathing and a stabilizing propellant kick,100 yard breast stroke using a pull, breathe, kick, glide sequence, and
  • 100 yards either front crawl using rhythmic breathing or breast stroke, may be a          mixture of both strokes.

2.  Starting in the water, swim 20 yards using front crawl or breast stroke, surface dive to a depth of 7 - 10 feet, retrieve a 10-pound object, return to surface, and swim 20 yards back to the starting point with both hands on the object and face out of the water, and exit the water without using a ladder or steps, within 1 minute, 40 seconds.




                         Lifeguard Instructor Training



  • Participants must be 17 years of age on or before last day of the course. 
  • Possess a current American Red Cross Lifeguarding/First Aid/CPR/AED certificate. 
  • Successfully completed the online session for the Lifeguard Instructor course.
  • Successfully completed the precourse session (precourse is proper demonstration of  all lifeguarding skills and completion of lifeguard written exams with a score of 80% or better.)
  • Obtain course materials before starting the first classroom session of the instructor course

Students must make arrangements with Daniel Chase, Pool Manager to complete precourse prior to first day of class.


Class Dates,Times & Location

No class scheduled at this time.



  • Course Fee (payable to CBJ): $35.00
  • Materials Fee (payable to CBJ): $32.00