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Augustus Brown Pool

Augustus Brown Swimming Pool

Pool Rules


1.   All fees must be paid at cashier's desk prior to entering pool.  Persons waiting for next swim, must pay/give pass number to cashier again and wait in locker room.

2.   Sauna users must be 16 years of age or older and appropriately dressed.

3.   Universal gym equipment users must be at least a freshman in high school and dressed appropriately.

4.    Swimming allowed only when lifeguard is on duty.

5.    No shoes are allowed on pool deck -- equipment users must carry athletic shoes.

6.    Patrons must take cleansing showers: Upon first entering pool, when exiting the sauna, and after exercising in the gym area.

7.    Only guards are permitted on lifeguard stands.

8.    No excessive “horse play” is permitted.

9.    Running on deck is not permitted.

10.  Swinging on railings is not permitted.

11.  No flips or back dives are allowed from the pool side.

12.  No diving allowed in water depth less than 10 feet.

13.  No hanging on lane-lines or lifeline is allowed.

14.  Inflatable toys/supports are not allowed during recreational swims except during less busy times and with lifeguard's permission.

15.  Kick-boards, pull-buoys, and hand paddles are for lap swim only and are for the purpose of conditioning.

16.  Patrons may use personal masks, fins, snorkels, and eye goggles.  Scuba tank use allowed only by certified divers during rentals.

17.  Augustus Brown Pool instructional equipment will not be used by the public.

18.  No squirt guns.


*Lap Pool*

1.   Lane lines: 

            During all lap swims, five lane lines will be in place;

                        Slow-lanes 1 & 6  (Water walkers/joggers may use Lane 1)

                        Medium lanes 2 & 5, and

                        Fast-lanes 3 & 4.  


.           During open/lap swims 3 lane lines will be in place; roping off lanes 1, 2, & 3. 

                        -  Speed signs are the same for those listed above. 

                        -  The life-line will be in place so as to stretch across lanes 4, 5, & 6

                        -  The high diving board will be closed. 

            This set-up will last for the entire swim.  Adjustments can be made according

            to need, in the opinion of the guards on duty.


2.   No swimming in diving area when diving boards are open.


3.   To be able to swim in the deep end of the pool, patrons must be able to swim the width of the pool with a "over arm crawl stroke".  This test will be conducted in the shallow end of the pool.


4.   The last 15 minutes of an open swim the lifelines will stay in place and the boards will be closed. (Open Swims)


*Recreational Pool*

1.   Balls may be given out by guards only during open swims.  Balls will be used only in the small pool.


2.   No diving.


3.   Kickboards may be used during low use periods only.  Lap swims only, not during open swims and not by unsupervised children.






1.  Users must be at least 16 years of age to use the sauna.  No children under the          age of 16 are allowed.

2   Exercising in the sauna is prohibited.

3.  Users must shower after using the sauna, before entering the pool.

4.   No foreign objects or fluids are to be put on the heating elements.

5.   Nothing may be hung on the rail around the heating elements.

6.   Daily use not to exceed 30 minutes.  Limit visit time to 5 -10 minutes per session.

7.   Anyone taking medication should consult their physician prior to using the sauna.