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Augustus Brown Pool

Augustus Brown Swimming Pool

       Aquatics Pass Rates and Daily Fees



To our Valued Guests

The CBJ Aquatics Management along with the Aquatics Empowered Board have revised the Aquatics Division rates and fees to create a simplified and collective pricing structure. Below is a comparison of current pricing for Augustus Brown Pool and Dimond Park Aquatic Center along with the revised combined pricing structure (effective Monday, January 4th, 2016). These revised fees and rates will offer consistent pricing between the facilities, providing a smoother transaction experience and increased overall value for each guest. We believe this revised pricing structure will increase participation and provide for long-term sustainability of both Augustus G. Brown Swimming Pool and Dimond Park Aquatic Center.


All-Inclusive Rates! Whether paying a Daily Fee or utilizing a 10-Visit, Monthly, or Annual Pass, you are welcome to all amenities offered by  the facility throughout the day of purchase/redemption. Standard age restrictions/policies apply.


Passes Valid at Both Pools! Guests who purchase a 10-Visit, Monthly, or Annual Pass are encouraged to utilize both Augustus G. Brown Swimming Pool and Dimond Park Aquatic center.


                 Thank you for your continued support and enjoyment of Juneau's community pools!!

                       ~The CBJ Parks & Recreation Aquatics Division & The Aquatics Empowered Board


2016 CBJ Aquatics Fees

Rates include tax


Fee type


18-64 yrs


8-17 yrs


2-7 yrs


65+ yrs

Daily Fee



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