Education Collection

Welcome to the Education Collection. It is our hands-on collection used for classroom visits to the Museum and other educational programs. Please note that the Education Collection is separate from the City Museum's Permanent Collection and receives a different level of care.

For more information about about programs, tours, education kits, and other uses for our Education Collection items at the Museum or in your classroom, please contact the Curator of Public Programs.

The objects are listed numerically by their object identification number. There are two ways to browse the collection. To view individual records one by one, click "Start Exhibit" either on the menu bar above or the "Click Here to State the Exhibit" below. To see a full listing of all the objects, click on "Table of Contents" in the menu bar above.

A keyword search function is not available, but the "Find" feature of your browser can help you located keywords. To best utilize the "Find" feature, go to the "Table of Contents" option and press Ctrl+F to make the "Find" search box appear. Type your keyword into the search box to find the keyword in the records.

The City Museum was able to inventory and catalog 467 objects into our Education Collection thanks to a 2013 Alaska State Museum Grant-In-Aid award. The grant allowed us to buy new storage solutions and archival materials to house this collection.

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