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Juneau-Douglas City Museum

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TOE-tally Juneau: Cartoon Selections from the City Museum's Collection

November 2014

Have You Seen Summer? by Tony "TOE" Newman, June 3, 2012. JDCM 2012.13.001.

When Tony “TOE” Newman moved to Alaska in 1994 the lack of a political cartoonist surprised him. He quickly took up the role and his satirical and humorous cartoons began appearing in local papers in 1995. Throughout the years, his drawings have been published in The Big Skinny, The Paper, Capital City Weekly, and the Juneau Empire. Newman has no classical cartoonist training, but grew up enjoying the iconic cartoons of the New Yorker. It is from those that he finds inspiration for his own drawings which focus on local topics including politics, weather, the tourist industry, and general life in Juneau. In a 2007 Juneau Empire article, Newman said: “My main responsibility is to make jokes, to make people laugh. I like to think I would represent a joke making fun of both sides of the issue, if I thought it was funny." TOE-tally Juneau will be on display through mid-April and includes 14 cartoons and four illustrated stories by Jim Geraghty, Kalean Haddock, Carol Garrett and Kary Kegaan Eddy.