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Juneau-Douglas City Museum

Archived Exhibit

Solo Exhibition: Marianne Manning

November 2014

Photo courtesy of Marianne Manning

Marianne writes, “For this show I have been working on a combination of ideas.  I will have portraits. I love painting portraits, watching someone appear to come to life on my canvas, capturing a smile, or expression.  More than painting a person, I try and paint a personality.  I have also been working on landscapes and light.  There is a natural freedom in painting a landscape that is not always possible with a portrait.  I like to add things and take things out of landscapes.  By having people, animals, and personal pets in landscape I am able to work in a combination of both an expressive and more exact style of painting in the same image.”  Marianne Manning will be exhibiting recent oil and pastel works as well as some of her beaded moccasins from November 7-29, 2014. Most of her pieces are for sale. A public reception takes place on November 7, and she will give an artist’s talk at a Coffee & Collections program on Saturday, November 22nd, from 10:30-noon.