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Juneau-Douglas City Museum

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Dale DeArmond: The Hat Series

October 2013

The Bearís Ears Hat, Dale DeArmond, 1994, JDCM 2013.04.013

Dale DeArmond (1914-2006) was an artist best know for her woodblock prints and book illustrations. She and her husband Bob (click on "Digital Bob" at left for more about him) lived in Juneau between 1953 and 1991 and in addition to producing art, Dale was the Director of the Juneau City Library from 1958-1979, housed in the building that the museum now calls home. The "Hat Series" are 14 wood engravings with colored pencil hand-pulled by the artist and depict crest hats, masks and faces from Alaskaís past. They were added to the Dale DeArmond collection at the museum last year, thanks to the museum's Juneau History and Art Acquisition Fund. The Museum was also able to acquire "From Long Ago", an accordion-bound, handmade, limited edition, artistís book that includes 12 of the hat prints. Currently the book can be viewed by appointment.