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Thread Recent Work by Trevor Gong

February 2013

Purple Dragon by Trevor Gong. Materials: hand forged hook, wing is various died Turkey and Kori Bustard feathers, bottom is Gray Peacock feathers and Golden Pheasant Crest, body is pink silk floss, Black Ostrich feather and silver tinsel with gold tinsel wrap. December 2012, 14x14 Purple Heart frame (not mounted on peacock feathers).

Gong ties traditional flies used for steelhead, trout, and salmon fly fishing; he also enjoys the meticulous process of display tying (art flies that are matted and framed). Gong spends most of his spare time creating innovative ties, which involves making his own hooks, dying his own feathers and fur, and then tying the fly. Gong also mills and builds his own wood frames and cuts his own the mats. His work has been described as meticulous, intricate, vibrant, and stunning.