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Juneau-Douglas City Museum

Archived Exhibit

Elizabeth Knecht Line Opening December 7th from 4:30-7:30pm

December 2012

Katia by Elizabeth Knecht, Line drawing on handmade paper.

Elizabeth Knecht, a mixed-media artist, has lived in Juneau since 1974. Born and raised in Iowa, she studied graphic design in San Francisco before coming to Juneau. Elizabeth was a professional graphic designer for 30 years before she turned her interests to art education and the development of her own art. For the exhibition at the Juneau-Douglas City Museum, Elizabeth has chosen to focus on the concept of line. “I use the seven art elements when working with students in the schools. Line is always on the top of the list (my list, anyway).” She says, “Many of my art lessons are focused on that one element and even when it is not the top focus, line is inevitably mentioned.” Elizabeth has decided to take this opportunity to celebrate the elements of line with the hope that, “people will pay particular attention to the concept of line while viewing the exhibition, and simply enjoy this number one art element.”

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