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Juneau-Douglas City Museum

Archived Exhibit

Picture Stitching: 13 Works by Juneau-Douglas High School Students

May 2015

Composite photograph using Ferro Building Fire on N. Franklin Street, taken 3/16/66, JDCM 2009.10.254. Student Photographer: Preston Houtary, Student Photo Editor: Brayden Erickson

Picture Stitching is an exhibit of composite photographs that combine an historical image of Juneau with a contemporary photograph. The works were all created by Juneau-Douglas High School students participating in a photography class through the school's Choosing Healthy Options in Cooperative Education (CHOICE) program. CHOICE is an alternative program whose mission is graduation from high school for a select set of students who have experienced factors in their lives which have undermined success in a traditional academic setting. The program emphasizes community, family contact, off-campus retreats, hands-on and community-based experiences, service-learning, and closely monitored support for success. The Museum is proud to feature the work of these motivated and creative students. The exhibit opens along with "Behind the Lens" and "Who's Who" on May 1, 2015 and will be on display through September 26.