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Juneau-Douglas City Museum

Archived Exhibit

Who's Who? Portrait Identifications from the Joseph Alexander Collections

May 2015

Studio portraits of 4 unidentified people by Joseph Alexander.

This exhibit contains 212 portraits from the Joseph Alexander Collection that were transferred to the City Museum in Kodak 4x5 Film boxes with no identifications. It is hoped that as community members visit the Museum and look at these Juneau faces, we will be able to learn the names and the stories of these people. A binder will be available at the reception desk to record identifying information that is shared. And these 212 portraits are just the tip of the iceberg! The Joseph Alexander Collections (2013.10 & 2013.11) have 16,000+ sets of negatives and prints, over 5,000 of which are unidentified people. In an attempt to identify as many of these people as possible, we have also initiated a “Who’s Who? Wednesday” on the Friends of the Juneau-Douglas City Museum’s Facebook page. For this initiative we upload one unidentified portrait each Wednesday, in hopes the Juneau community, near and far, will be able to assist us with this project.