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Bob DeArmond Historical Photos:


Tales of a Klondike Newsman--1969

Bob's autographs his first Stroller White Book, Tales of a Klondike Newsman, published in Vancouver, B.C. in 1969. It was a hard cover book with a dust jacket. Alaska State Library - Historical Collections PCA 01-3674.


Bob and Dale--1977

Bob and Dale at their kitchen table, Juneau, 1977. Photo by Yvonne Mozee.


Dale in her basement printshop--1977

Dale DeArmond in her basement printshop, Juneau, 1977. Photo by Yvonne Mozee.


Bob at Sitka Pioneer Home--1995

Bob resided at the Sitka Pioneer Home where he continued to write for The Sitka Sentinel, The Alaskan Southeaster, The Sea Chest, and other publications until his passing on November 26, 2010.

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