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by Lucille and Gary Mahoney

William Mahoney was born to Daniel and Annie E. (Mahan) Mahoney in Blue Lake, California, on July 24, 1886. After attending Eureka Business College, he served as an accountant for the Sulzer Mining Company, on Prince of Wales Island, from 1909 to 1911.

In 1911, he married Lillian Anderson in San Francisco, California, and they moved to Ketchikan, Alaska Territory, where he was the proprietor of the Ketchikan Drug Co., from 1911 to 1913. In 1913, he became a U.S. Commissioner and Deputy Clerk, in the District Court at Ketchikan. From 1921 to 1934, he was owner-operator of the Ketchikan Soda Bottling Works.

In 1934, he was appointed U.S. Marshall for the Alaska Territory and moved to Juneau. He served in that capacity until he died of a heart attack in his home on July 9, 1950. His wife expired a few years later. Both are buried in the family plot in Arcata, California. While in Juneau, he was very active in the Democratic Party and the Catholic Church and was a member of most of the civic organizations of that day.

William and Lillianís son, Daniel Mahoney, was born March 15, 1917, in Ketchikan. After moving to Juneau in 1934, he graduated from Juneau High School. He attended Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, California, before joining the Army in 1941. While in the service, he met and married Mariel E. (Lucille) Crook on December 12, 1942. Lucille was born in Washington State. Her parents both perished in the 1918 flu epidemic and she was reared by her grandparents (Crook). After the war, Dan and Lucille returned to Juneau where he worked for the Veterans Administration and Employment Security. He was Director of Selective Service for the State of Alaska where he held the rank of a full Colonel when he died on December 15, 1967. He was an active member of the Catholic Church and the Democratic Party. His wife, Lucille, still resides in the family home at 606 Sixth Street.

Daniel and Lucille had one son, William Gary Mahoney, born in 1949, and reared, educated and still living in Juneau. Their daughter, Patricia, died at age three and a half in 1955. For the first few years of Garyís career, he was on the police force in Petersburg, Alaska. Since then, he has worked for Knightwatch Security in Juneau. On March 14, 2001, he married Evegenia V. Shatova. Her seven year old daughter, Irvinia, completes their family.