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Juneau-Douglas City Museum

Bonnet, Herb

by Herb Bonnet

I was born on a cold January day at St. Annís Hospital in Juneau, Alaska back in the days when you didnít have to sell your car, house, boat or soul to get into the hospital.

I lived one of the greatest times of my life growing up in Thane, with the biggest sand-pile in the world to play in. Also the first golf course in the area.

I became fascinated with the ships coming and going on Gastineau Channel; the Canadian ships, the Alaska Steam ships, the Navy ships of the U.S.A., (old fourstack destroyers and cruisers), German cruisers of the Kreigsmarine (the Emden and Karlschrue), the Coast Guard cutter Haida with the tall steam stack-it was a powerful impression on the kid, so I started drawing and painting and havenít stopped. And, as there were interesting aircraft about, flight grabbed me and my pencil and brush as well.

Having been a carpenter, a U.S. Forest Service trail crewman in Alaska and Washington state, a catskinner goldmining, an aircraft refueler, an illustrator for the Boeing Aircraft Company, and an Auke Bay Research Lab illustrator for the Fish and Wildlife Service, I chucked it all and became a not full-time artist. Being a boat junkie, with camera, paint brush and attractive crew (usually one), I found it a good laid back life. I love painting historic aircraft, marine vessels of all types, and landscapes and seascapes.

What of my future? Iíll put one foot in front of the other, inhale and exhale, and lead with my brush.

Herb Bonnet