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Id# Name Title Creator Place Date
EDU.0496 Label Introduction Panel     2014
EDU.0497 Label WWII and Order 9066 History Panel     2014
EDU.0498 Label Juneau During WWII Panel     2014
EDU.0499 Label Minidoka Internment Camp History Panel     2014
EDU.0500 Label List of Juneau's WWII Internees Panel     2014
EDU.0501 Label Haruo "Ham" Kumasaka Panel     2014
EDU.0502 Label Katsutaro Komatsubara Panel     2014
EDU.0503 Label Shonosuke Tanaka Panel     2014
EDU.0504 Label John Tanaka and the Empty Chair Panel     2014
EDU.0505 Label City Cafe and Juneau Laundry Panel     2014
EDU.0506 Label Hikohachi Fukuyama Panel     2014
EDU.0507 Label Sam and Gim Taguchi Panel     2014
EDU.0508 Label Saburo (Sam, Sr.) Kito Panel     2014
EDU.0509 Label Torao and Tooru Kanazawa Panel     2014
EDU.0510 Label Kiichi (Henry) Akagi Panel     2014
EDU.0511 Label History of Cranes Panel     2014
EDU.0512 Label Fumi Matsumoto Art Intro Panel     2014

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