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Juneau-Douglas City Museum

Solo Artist Exhibitions


Toby Harbanuk:  New Work

Opening Friday, November 1, 2013

           Watery world, ariel view

        Mendenhall Aqueous Gravity by Toby Harbanuk, 2013


Two events converged the summer Toby Harbanuk was 17; he was hired to work on an excursion boat going between Juneau and Tracy Arm and he received a digital camera as a gift.  This began his passion for photographing the changing landscape of Southeast Alaska.  Then, during his college years, he took to the air.  Working for a helicopter flightseeing company allowed him and his camera to gain a new perspective on the land.


Today Toby’s day job is as an IT professional which is helpful to know when he speaks about his artistic process:Photography became my medium because it blends the visual and the technical. My inner nerd is satisfied by finding limits of my gear and the equipment, assessing light, camera stops, challenging weather, and pushing my limits athletically. Aerial photography adds several layers of planning and calculation, choosing the most suitable and available aircraft, communicating with the pilot, and analyzing terrain, speed, radius, and other technical needs. I use GoogleEarth and other sources of historic and geographic data to plan shoots weeks or months in advance. After a shoot, I work in the modern equivalent of a darkroom – manipulating images so that the viewer can see what I saw, usually from a very different vantage point than most people have experienced in Alaska.


Toby’s exhibit at the Juneau-Douglas City Museum presents our 21st century life amongst glaciers, the Tongass National Forest and the northern Inside Passage.  The images are printed in vibrant color across 12-inch square aluminum tiles that hang as grids from the ceiling to form 5 by 5 foot murals.  The art will be on display from November 1 through December 28, 2013. 


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