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Own a piece of mining history!


Gold brought miners to Juneau and supported development in the Juneau-Douglas area with the largest mines in the world.  The Museum Store carries mining items so anyone can have a taste of the gold rush days or try their luck at Gold Creek, the location of Joe Juneau and Richard Harris' discovery in 1880.  For more mining information and tools, including ore samples from the Alaska Mexican mine, gold panning kits, and blasting cap boxes, contact the Museum Store or call 907.586.3572.

Crucibles, scorifier dishes, and cupels from assay lab

Assay Lab tools

The Juneau-Douglas City Museum was fortunate to receive a significant collection from the U.S. Bureau of Mines when the John Rishel Mineral Center on Mayflower Island closed in 2007.  In the gift shop, we have crucibles, scorifier dishes, and cupels of various sizes.  For more information on how these items were used in the mine, visit the Assay Lab diorama at the Juneau-Douglas City Museum.



The U.S. Bureau of Mines donated new and vintage sieves to the Juneau-Douglas City Museum Store.  We have 8-inch and 12-inch sieves in varying mesh sizes.


Front cover of Treadwell Gold

Treadwell Gold: An Alaska Saga of Riches and Ruin

This newly published book by Sheila Kelly is a treasure trove of fascinating information about Treadwell, once the largest gold mine in the world.  Kelly combines historic photos, personal vignettes, and her own family history to provide readers with an unprecedented look at life in Treadwell.

Paperback, $17.95

Front cover of In the Miners' Footsteps Trail Guide

In the Miners' Footsteps

Hike into history with this trail guide!  The Juneau area is rich with diverse hiking trails, many of which are actually old mining access routes used by miners in Juneau and Douglas.  This trail guide, by long-time Juneau-Douglas City Museum volunteer and donor Willette Janes, provides hiking information, historic photos, and the historical context of the trails' use by miners.


The Juneau Gold Belt book

The Juneau Gold Belt: A History of the Mines and Miners

The Juneau Gold Belt: A History of the Mines and Miners is a comprehensive record of the fascinating mining history of the areas in and around Juneau, Alaska. From the A.J. to the Treadwell and the lesser-known areas in between, Earl Redman paints a detailed picture of mining life, expectations, disappointments, and tells the stories of the miners who lived it. It includes significant events at the mines and does not shy away from the colorful subjects of racial tensions among miners, robberies by mine workers, and crooked mine managers.

Paperback, $28

Cover of Treadwell Mine map and trail guide

Gold Mine Maps and Trail Guides

The Museum Store carries maps of Treadwell Mine Historic Trail in Douglas and Perseverence Trail, used as a wagon road by AJ and Perseverance miners.  The guides contain historical photos, a history of the mines, and maps of the current trails.  Other trail guides in the store include the Gold Creek Flume, 90 Short Walks around Juneau and In the Miners' Footsteps.

Front cover of I Remember Treadwell

I Remember Treadwell

This book is Charlotte L. Mahaffy's charming account of childhood in the town of Treadwell.  Mahaffy was born in Juneau in 1903, and spent the next 14 years growing up in Treadwell until the 1917 cave-in forced the family to relocate.  I Remember Treadwell details life outside the mines, in the community that sprang up around the largest mine in the world.




For more information on mining items, send an email to the Museum Store or call 907.586.3572.


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