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The Juneau-Douglas City Museum is located within walking distance of some fantastic and historic hiking trails, so historical trail guides are some of our most popular items.  Stop by the museum store to pick up maps and trail guides that provide the history of the hikes!


Trail Guides

Treadwell Trail Guide

Treadwell Mine Historic Trail Guide

A perennial best-seller in the Museum Store, this booklet brings history to life as you walk through the remains of what was once the largest mining complex in the world.  See the foundations of the 300 stamp mill, the remains of the tennis courts, offices, and natatorium, where miners and their families went swimming.  The guide includes historic and modern photos, background on mining and the Treadwell Mine, and points of interest along the trail.


Perseverance Trail Guide

Perseverance Trail Guide

One of Juneau's most popular trails, Perseverance is located at the end of Basin Road, within walking distance of downtown Juneau.  The trail was once used as a wagon road by Perseverance and AJ miners and connects to other notable trails, including Mount Juneau trail and Granite Creek trail. The guide includes historic photos, the history of the Perseverance Mine, geologic information, and wildlife guide.


In the Miners' Footsteps booklet

In the Miners' Footsteps Trail Guide

For historical trail guides about the Juneau area, you can't get any better than this comprehensive booklet by long-time Juneau historian and outdoorswoman, Willette Janes.  In the Miners' Footsteps contains history, hiking information, and historic photos for 16 local trails.


Evergreen cemetery map

Evergreen Cemetery Historical Walk

A handy guide to Juneau's historical cemetery!  This booklet contains a historical overview of the cemetery, directions, and 35 points of interest.  Visit the graves of Chief Kowee, Richard Harris, and Joe Juneau, whose remains were moved from Dawson to Juneau in 1903.  See where native rights activist Elizabeth Peratrovich and her husband Roy are buried, and visit the graves of John Montgomery and Frances Davis.  Photographers Lloyd Winter and Percy Pond are also buried here, along with Minnie Field and Mary Joyce, two notable ladies of Juneau.


Gold Creek Flume Trail booklet

Gold Creek Flume Trail brochure

The Gold Creek Flume was originally constructed by Willis Thorpe to serve the water wheel and electric generator in 1893.  This guide was created as a Juneau History Grant project by local teacher Dave Haas' third-graders in 2001 and contains flume history, trail information, photos, and student drawings of local plants.


90 Short Walks around Juneau

90 Short Walks around Juneau

One of the most popular and well-used publications about Juneau hiking trails, this guide includes trail information, topographical maps, and drawings of plants and animals for trails from Thane to the end of the road.  Written by local naturalist Mary Lou King, proceeds benefit Trail Mix, a non-profit organization which cares for Juneau's trails.




A Good-humored map of Alaska

A Good-Natured Map of Alaska

This humorous map from the Alaska Steamship Company advertises the delights of an Alaskan Steamship cruise through cartoons and witty captions. This map was used by the Alaska Steamship Company in the 1940s, but it still resonates with modern travelers and is a fun and unique souvenir.  Map measures 11 by 14 inches.


Tlingit Country map

Tlingit Country Map

This map shows the traditional areas of Tlingit tribes throughout Southeast as well as the associated clan houses for the Raven and Eagle moieties.  A joint effort by native groups from many Southeast communities, this map is a must for those interested in Tlingit history and culture.


Shipwrecks of Northern Southeast Alaska map

Shipwrecks of Northern Southeast Alaska Map

Southeast Alaska's history is inextricably linked to steamship travel, as well as the wrecks of those steamships.  The most notable shipwreck ever to occur in the Juneau area is the wreck of the Princess Sophia in 1918, but this map shows the locations and fatality counts of major and minor wrecks throughout the area.  Map measures 11 by 17 inches.



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