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Juneau-Douglas City Museum

The City Museum has a various selection of fiction and non-fiction books about Juneau and the surrounding area, the majority of which are written by local authors.


Sunken Klondike Gold book

Sunken Klondike Gold by Leonard H. Delano

When the 240-foot SS Islander hit an iceberg in Alaska's inside waters just 12 miles from Juneau in 1901, Capt. H.R. Foote decided to make a desperate run for nearby Douglas Island. But it was too late. Water was pouring into a huge gash in the port bow. The stern was rising. The pride of the Canadian Pacific fleet quickly sank. In 1933, Seattle and Portland house-mover Frank Curtis proposed a bold salvage plan. Accompanied by 85 extraordinary photographs and illustrations, this is an insider's story of a two-year struggle to raise the Islander, a record-breaking salvage that focused on a single prize - an elusive fortune in gold.


$24.95, Paperback

White House of North book

White House of the North: Stories From the Alaska Governor's Mansion by Carol M. Sturgulewski

A century's worth of legends and history surround the Alaska Governor's House, one of the oldest governors' homes in the U.S. Its past is a collage of glamorous balls, wartime austerity, fine art, backyard baseball, delicate antiques, leaky pipes, boisterous children, visiting dignitaries and even a bigamist governor. Author Carol Sturgulewski interviewed governors, first ladies and friends from every administration since 1925, supplemented by more than 75 historic photos and documents dating back to the 1890s.


$25.00, Paperback

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The Tlingit Indians book

The Tlingit Indians by Aurel Krause, Translated by Erna Gunther with a new foreword by Dee Longenbaugh

In 1881, two German geographers were on their way back to the continental United States from the Bering Sea coast, when they came upon a Native population in Southeast Alaska that had formed a society far more complex than those of most other North American tribes. Upon return to Germany, Aurel Krause published The Tlingit Indians. In it were rich, detailed descriptions of the Tlingit kinship system, societal structure, village and family life, customs and traditions, subsistence living, arts and crafts, mythology and shamanism, a language glossary, and an extensive bibliography. Aurel's brother, Arthur, sketched many of the illustrations. This enduring comprehensive resource offers the contemporary reader a glimpse into the history and traditions of an important Northwest Coast culture.


$17.95, Paperback

Haa Shuka book cover

Haa Shuka, Our Ancestors Edited by Nora Marks Dauenhauer & Richard Dauenhauer

Haa Shuka is a collection of Tlingit oral narratives written in both Tlingit and English. There are notes on each story, as well as biographies on the storytellers.


$35.00, Paperback

Heroes & Heroines of Tlingit Book

Heroes & Heroines in Tlingit-Haida Legend by Mary L. Beck

Over uncounted generations the Tlingits and Haidas of Southeast Alaska developed a spoken literature as robust and distinctive as their unique graphic art style, and passed it from the old to the young to insure the continuity of their culture. It's a long way from Southeast Alaska to classical Greece and Rome, but there are striking similarities between the heroes and heroines of the two cultures. For this book the author, Mary L. Beck, a student of both cultures, has selected nine of the ancient Tlingit-Haida legends and drawn parallels between their protagonists and those well-known to the heirs of Greco-Roman culture.


$12.95, Paperback

Shamans and Kushtakas book

Shamans and Kushtakas: North Coast Tales of the Supernatural by Mary Giraudo Beck

In Shamans and Kushtakas, Mary Giraudo Beck provides a powerful mix of history, legend, and adventure to dramatize the values and traditions of Tlingit and Haida societies. The heroic and wondrous incidents in these stories transcend time and culture and, as tales of myth and magic, provide compelling reading for young and old alike.


$12.99, Paperback

The Sword and the Shield booklet cover

The Sword and the Shield: The Defense of Alaska Aboriginal Claims by the Alaska Native Brotherhood by Peter M. Metcalfe

The Sword and the Shield began as a grant application accepted by the Alaska Humanities Forum for the Alaska Statehood Experience program, which was funded by the Rasmuson Foundation to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Alaska Statehood. It became the story of the Alaska Native Brotherhood, and their fight to defend Alaska Aboriginal claims.


$12.00, Paperback

Reaching for a Star book

Reaching for a Star by Gerald E. Bowkett

In 1955, with the drive for statehood stalled, a group of men and women from all over Alaska, delegates “with strong convictions, given to strong, often colorful expression,” created a state constitution that is now considered a model. Proving that Alaska was politically mature, it pushed a reluctant U.S. Congress to grant statehood to Alaska.

     One of Alaska's 67 best history books
           --Alaska Historical Society


$14.95, Paperback

He Wore the Shoes of a Fisherman book

He Wore the Shoes of a Fisherman... The story of an Alaskan minister through the eyes of the community that loved him by the McPhetres family and residents of Juneau

When he stepped off the SS Aleutian with his pregnant wife and three sons, Reverend Samuel McPhetres had no idea how his 10 years of ministry would impact the small community of Juneau, Alaska. This collection of memories and photos by the McPhetres family and the long-time residents of Juneau is a touching look at the inspirational life of Father Sam and the impact of the Church of the Holy Trinity during his time there. His legacy was so endearing, that the parish hall connected ot the church was named after him upon his death.


$16.95, Paperback

Gastineau Channel Memories Vols. II & III

Gastineau Channel Memories Vols. II & III

This extensive community history project was undertaken by the Pioneer Book Committee.  The three-volume series compiles biographies and autobiographies submitted by hundreds of Juneau pioneering families and their descendents.  Although Volume I is no longer in print, the Juneau-Douglas City Museum presents a digital version, available online here.


Volume II, $24.95

Volume III, $29.95

Front cover of Early Years of Juneau

Early Years of Juneau, Alaska 1880-1890 by Nancy Warren Ferrell*

In this booklet, Nancy Warren Ferrell describes the birth of modern Juneau, as it grew from a rough-scrabble mining camp to a bonafide city.  Also includes information on the various names of the early city and historic photos.


$5.95, Staple-bound

Old Gold

Old Gold by R.N. DeArmond

Bob DeArmond, local historian extraordinaire, compiled this collection of vignettes to commemorate local radio station KINY's 50th birthday.  The addition of historic photographs make it one of the best general Juneau history books available.


$17.95, Paperback

In Sisterhood

In Sisterhood: The History of Camp 2 of the Alaska Native Sisterhood edited by Kimberly Metcalfe

In Sisterhood began as an oral history project to preserve the memories of the Life Members of Juneau's Camp 2 of the ANS and soon expanded to a full publication.  Camp 2 was founded in 1926 and was active in the Juneau community and politics.  The book features interviews with Camp members, Camp history, and color photos.  Editor and Camp member Kimberly Metcalfe notes in the introduction that prior to this publication there was very little written material about Alaska Native women, and this book helps fill in that gap.


$19.95, Paperback

Jack Dalton

Jack Dalton by M.J. Kirchhoff

Author M.J. Kirchhoff became intrigued by the controversial story of Jack Dalton after reading an article by preeminent Alaska historian Bob DeArmond.  Twenty-two years of research culminates with this work, a biography that highlights the life, legacy, and legend of the Alaska Pathfinder, Jack Dalton.


$39.95, Hardcover

20% off

Alaska Souvenir Spoons book cover

Alaska Souvenir Spoons & the Early Curio Trade by June E. Hall

For almost twenty years, June E. Hall has collected and researched Alaska souvenir spoons. For this book, the author has re-created the historic context of early Alaska souvenir spoon collecting by using numerous photographs and examples from the golden age of souvenir spoon production, 1880-1915.


$28.00, Paperback

30% off

Alaska's Arts, Crafts & Collectibles book cover

Alaska's Arts, Crafts & Collectibles by Ann Chandonnet

From alabaster to whale bone, Anchorage author Ann Chandonnet has been writing about Alaska's talented artists, exotic materials and traditional and innovative artforms for more than two decades. For the discriminating collector, the traveller interested in art, the art teacher or the student of Northern cultures wanting to know more, here is the definitive source.


$20.55, Paperback

30% off

Heart of Abigail

Heart of Abigail by R. Phillip Ritter

Ritter's 2009 novella is a historically accurate fiction about a young nurse traveling from Scotland to work in St. Ann's Hospital in Douglas during the height of the great mines.  The book includes historic photos and notes on Ritter's historical research.


$12.95, Paperback

20% off

Four Walls Against the Wind

Four Walls Against the Wind by Marge Hermans Osborn

Marge Hermans Osborn has collaborated with local naturalists, photographers, and authors on several projects, but this memoir is a work of her own.  She details her and her husband's 12-year journey to build their dream cabin in a remote bay outside of Juneau.


$14.95, Paperback

20% off

Front cover of Blonde Indian

Blonde Indian by Ernestine Hayes

University of Alaska Southeast professor Ernestine Hayes deftly intertwines her memoirs with local history and culture to create a powerful book about Tlingit identity and being biracial, connecting to one's heritage, and overcoming poverty, addiction, and prejudice.  Winner of the American Book Award in 2007.


$16.95, Paperback

Currently out of stock

Caught by Alaska cover

Caught by Alaska! by Jack Jeffrey*

This extraordinary memoir tells the story of Jack Jeffrey, who spent 25 years in Alaska from 1935 to 1960. In those years, he worked at the Alaska Juneau gold mine, played with Patsy Ann, and steamed all around Southeast as an agent for the Alaska Game Commission.  Includes family photos, newspaper articles, and a foreword by Bob DeArmond.


$14.95, Paperback

Currently out of stock

* Indicates an out-of-print or limited availability title.


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