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Juneau Hike Program


Trails in Juneau tend to be slippery, wet and rugged. Waterproof boots with good support and tread are recommended. NO TENNIS SHOES! Dress appropriately (layering is suggested) and recommended footwear is specified for each hike. (Rubber boots are suggested for all trails when it is raining.)

Items to Carry in your Pack

  • Rain gear

  • Extra socks

  • Extra shirt (when perspiration soaks your original shirt. This lessens the risk of hypothermia)

  • Sweater, hat, mittens (useful, even in July!)

  • Water bottle (even in Juneau there is concern about safe water)

  • Extra food

  • Whistle

  • Basic first aid kit (moleskin, band aids)

  • Compass

  • Map of area

  • Space blanket

  • Flashlight

  • Insect repellent

  • Leather gloves to protect hands from devilís club

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