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Adult Sports - Women's Classic Basketball

  • October 24 - Classic Women's Basketball Registration forms due.
  • 2014/15 Classic Game Schedule
  • Classic Cover page (Team Manager contacts)
  • Nov. 12 - Pre-season practices at Harborview School Gym
  • Games (Wednesdays) - November 19, 2014 thru February 4, 2015
  • September 24 - Classic Registration forms mailed to past participants.


What is Classic Women's Basketball?
This will be the Classic leagues 17th season! Classic basketball is for women 17 years or older who want to play for fun, on an organized team, but with women who are a "little" older, or new to the game, have less time due to kids, jobs, or many other interests. Aggressive play is strongly discouraged in the Women's Classic league.

November through first week of February. Games will be an average of once a week on Wednesdays for a total of ten games in the season. A pre-season practice and a skills clinic will be offered to each team. There will be no tournament or awards in the classic league.

Individual players will register at Juneau Parks and Recreation and teams with an even mix of talent and experience will be organized by Juneau Parks and Recreation and classic volunteers. Each team will have a contact person (manager) appointed for central communication within the team. It is also recommended that each team also have an alternate contact person in case manager is unavailable.

The players fee for each individual is $50.00 (includes tax). This fee covers officials, scorekeeper, building supervisor, staff time, equipment, printing, clinician services, and the use of a numbered jersey for each participant!