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Dimond Park Aquatic Center

Dimond Park Aquatic Center




The following rules are per slide manufacturer specifications.



  • No metal on slides.  To include but not limited to, exposed zippers, buckles, rivets or metal ornamentation.


  • Do not run, dive, stand, kneel, rotate or stop on the slide.


  • Persons over 300 lbs. may not use the slides.


  • Riders must be 48" tall.  Guests under 8 years of age but over 48" must have a parent waiting next to the catch pool at the bottom of the slide.


  • Riders must wait for attendants to start signal before riding slide.


  • Slide must be ridden feet first, lying on back, ankles crossed with arms folded across chest.


  • Only one rider on the slide at a time.  No groups or chains.


  • Eyeglasses must be securely affixed to rider or not worn.


  • At the end of slide riders must obey all directions given by slide attendant and exit the catch pool immediately.


  • For safety reasons, riders who are pregnant, have back trouble or heart conditions should not ride the slides.