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Dimond Park Aquatic Center

Dimond Park Aquatic Center




1. Children under the age of 3 and guests requiring diapers must use approved waterproof swim diapers.  Children swim diapers are available for purchase.

2. All guests must shower with warm water and soap before entering the pools (DEC regulation 18 AAC 30.456).

3. Proper swimsuits are required for those entering the pool, spa, or sauna.  No cut-offs or loose clothing of any kind.

4. Water wings are not allowed.  Only U.S. Coast Guard approved life jackets are allowed under direct adult supervision.

5. No persons may urinate, spit, blow their nose or deposit any foreign matter in the pools, spa, sauna or on the deck.

6. Sitting on shoulders or back, throwing of patrons, and horseplay are not allowed.

7. No street shoes are allowed on the pool deck: Gym shoes are allowed in the workout area only.

8. Use of personal equipment not allowed unless approved by pool management.

9. Guests with open wounds, sores and/or skin infections will not be admitted to the pool and sauna area.

10. No food, gum, or drinks may be brought onto the pool deck or into locker room areas.  Water is allowed in non-glass containers.

11. No running in water below knee depth.

12. Climbing on divider walls is prohibited.

13. No head first entry in the recreation pool.  Feet first, forward entries only from the side.

14. Guests may not wear goggles or flotation devices when riding the slides.

15. No diving in water less than 10 feet in depth.  Feet first, forward entries only from side.  No flips or twists.



                               LAP POOL (Both Pools)


1. Guests must be able to pass a 15 yard swim test to be allowed in the lap pool area.

2. No hanging on lane lines or life lines.

3. When circle swimming during laps, swimmers must swim counter clockwise.


DIVING (Both Pools)

1. Guests may not wear goggles or flotation devices while on the diving boards.

2. Each diver must wait until proceeding diver has surfaced and cleared the diving area before leaving the pool deck.

3. Only one person allowed on diving board at a time.

4. One bounce only on diving boards per use.

5. No diving in water less than 10 feet in depth.  Feet first, forward entries only from side.  No flips or twists.

6. No diving or jumping off side of the diving board, users must go straight off the end of the board.

7. Dive well must remain clear when boards are open; parents may not catch children coming off the diving board.

8. No swimming in diving area when boards are in  use.

9. Swimming through lap lanes from diving area is prohibited.


                                SAUNA (Both Pools)


1. Users must be at least 16 years of age to use the sauna.  No children under the          age of 16 are allowed.

2. Exercising in the sauna is prohibited.

3. Users must shower after using the sauna, before entering the pool.

4. No foreign objects or fluids are to be put on the heating elements.

5. Nothing may be hung on the rail around the heating elements.

6. Daily use not to exceed 30 minutes.  Limit visit time to 5 -10 minutes per session.

7. Anyone taking medication should consult their physician prior to using the sauna.



                         HOT TUB (Dimond Park only)

1. Users must be at least sixteen years of age to use the Hot Tub.

2. It is advised that users limit their time in the Hot Tub to fifteen minutes per session with at least a ten minute break between sessions.

                           WATERSLIDES (Dimond Park Only)


1. Users must be over 48" tall to ride the red and yellow slides

2. To ride the red and yellow slide, users must get a wristband from the front desk staff.

3. Riders under the age of eight must have a parent or guardian waiting for them at the bottom of the slide.

4. Riders may not enter the slides before being given permission from the slide attendant.

5. No swimming in catch area when the flume (red) or drop (yellow) slide is open. 

6. No metal on slides.  To include but not limited to, exposed zippers, buckles, rivets or    metal ornamentation.

7. Do not run, dive, stand, kneel, rotate or stop on the slide.

8. Persons over 300 lbs. may not use the slides.

9. Slide must be ridden feet first, lying on back, ankles crossed with arms folded across chest.

10. Only one rider on the slide at a time.  No groups or chains.

11. Eyeglasses must be securely affixed to rider or not worn.

12. At the end of slide riders must obey all directions given by slide attendant and exit the catch pool immediately.

13. For safety reasons, riders who are pregnant, have back trouble or heart conditions should not ride the slides.