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Dimond Park Aquatic Center

Dimond Park Aquatic Center


                            Entry Requirements



1. Pay swim fee or have a valid pass.


2. Guests using the pool must be 8 years old and able to swim one width of the pool using an over arm crawl stroke Or 8 years old and 48" tall.  Guests who do not meet these requirements must be accompanied by another guest age 15 or older who is within arms reach providing touch supervision while in the pool. Supervision is one adult to every three children.


3. Children under the age of two may enter the pool with an adult for free.


4. Children still in diapers should be in a cloth diaper covered with rubber pants or a swim diaper covered in rubber pants.  No disposable diapers allowed.


7. No float rings, water wings or mermaid fins.


8. Life vests must be USCG approved.