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The Auke Lake regulatory buoys have been placed in the lake and the boat launch gate has been opened for the summer season.  The No-Wake Zones and areas where motorized vessels are prohitited remain in effect.  If you need additional information, contact Parks & Recreation at 586-5226. 

For more information, please check out the attached brochure.

Auke Lake Management Plan - The CBJ Committee Of the Whole reviewed the Auke Lake Management Plan Summer update summary presented by Parks & Recreation staff on January 13, 2014.  Their direction to Parks & Recreation was:

1) Continue to enforce current ordinance/regulations;

2) Install regulatory buoys;

3) Make public aware of boating safety education;

4) Return to the COW at the end of summer with more usage data. 


April 7, 2014, the CBJ Assembly amended the Auke Lake Ordinance:  Ordinance 2014-20

Final Auke Lake Management Plan of 2013