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Marine Passenger Fee Proceeds

Information for FY 2018


In 1999, City and Borough of Juneau voters passed Proposition 1, assigning a tax of $5 per cruise ship passenger to assist in funding projects that enhance the tourism experience and offset community impacts created by the cruise ship industry. Federal law requires that any project funded with these fees must address both the “safety and accessibility” of cruise ship passengers. In 2008, the Assembly amended the ordinance to provide for the solicitation to be issued by posting on the CBJ website and disestablished the Marine Passenger Fee Proceeds Committee.

The City Manager annually develops a proposed list of Marine Passenger Fee Proceeds funded projects through requests from the industry, city departments, and individual businesses and citizens. All proposals received for Marine Passenger Fee project requests will be forwarded with the City Manager’s proposed list to the Assembly Finance Committee.


Submittal Process/Timeline:

Proposals accepted from: December 2, 2016 through close of business January 2, 2017. Submittals received after January 2, 2017 will not be considered.


Final Recommendation List will be posted on the CBJ website in March 2017 and forwarded to the Assembly Finance Committee for review and forwarded to the Assembly for consideration during the upcoming budget cycle.


If you have questions please contact the City Manager’s Office at 907-586-5240 or email Susan Phillips, Executive Assistant III at


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