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Toddler Time is presented at 10 am on Mondays at the Downtown Library

Toddler Time is presented at 11 am on Mondays at the Valley Public Library

Toddler Time is designed especially for those younger children who, due to age and inexperience with group storytimes, will benefit from a more intimate storytime experience at the library. The half-hour program includes stories, games, songs, and activities that will help these children begin to be comfortable with a library storytime structure and yet allow for their expected exuberance, need to participate physically and vocally, curiosity, shyness, shorter attention span, and all those wonderful qualities that make toddlers special!

For this reason, having an adult partner of their own to share the experience with makes this storytime successful; someone to provide a lap to sit in, someone to help model storytime behavior, someone to remember the words or actions to a favorite fingerplay or singing game so it can be played again (and again and again) at home!

Although we prefer that each adult come to Toddler Time with only one child, we recognize that in some cases (twins, younger sibling, etc.) there may be more then one child in your care.

Have older children, check out Storytime. 

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