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March 17, 2006 Edition

China’s Lost Girls

“China’s Lost Girls,” gives a little background to China’s “One Child” policy as it relates to the enormous number of Chinese girls available for adoption. Mostly, though, this movie focuses on the many western families who adopt baby girls from China each year, following a few to China as they meet their new daughters. Host Lisa Ling talks with some of the babies’ Chinese foster mothers and examines the repercussions of losing so many girls to other countries.


“Murderball” is the original name for what is now known as wheelchair rugby, and it is introduced here in all its rough, fiercely competitive, passionate glory. Every player on the team is quadriplegic and plays from a custom-made wheelchair. “Murderball” chronicles Team USA’s battle against their Canadian rivals on their way to the 2004 Paralympics in Greece, with sidenotes along the way about the players’ lives, how they became disabled, and accommodations they’ve made to get on with their lives. Special features include deleted footage, behind-the-game info, filmmaker commentary, player commentary, and more.

Racing Against the Clock

“Racing Against the Clock” introduces viewers to even more passionate athletes, this time following five women between the ages of 50 and 82 who are determined to compete in the World Masters Championships. Sprinting, jumping, and pole vaulting their way through their own personal obstacles towards their goal, these women are proof that getting older doesn’t have to mean slowing down.

Digital Photography Unleashed!

“Digital Photography Unleashed!” covers the basics of outdoor digital photography in four segments: Learning the Basics, A Day at the Ranch, Mastering Further Techniques, and Exploring Light and Shutter. With the aid of animal models and beautiful landscapes, you’ll learn about the Exposure Triangle, Rule of Thirds, and choosing ISO, shutter speed, and f-number settings to get the very best photos possible.

How to Toon: The Art of Visual Storytelling

“How to Toon: The Art of Visual Storytelling,” teaches kids and adults how to draw, and more importantly, how to create characters with stories. Cartoonist and storyteller Joe Wos’s step-by step instructions for creating basic characters are easy to duplicate, and he uses those characters to show how to change personalities and moods with just a few props. Later, he even demonstrates how to turn one character into another by changing elements of costume and background, as when he turns Santa into a pirate. An excellent introduction to cartooning.

Sea Kayaking: The Ultimate Guide

“Sea Kayaking: The Ultimate Guide,” winner of the 2005 Waterwalker Film Festival’s Best Safety Film, introduces new kayakers to their kayaks and to the sea in four parts. The first part covers what happens before you even hit the water: equipment and other basic info. Part two gives instructions for the essential strokes and techniques, part three focuses on rescue techniques, and part four helps kayakers prepare for multiday trips and understand currents, surf, and weather.

Sugihara: Conspiracy of Kindness

“Sugihara: Conspiracy of Kindness” is the inspiring story of the Japanese Consul to Lithuania who defied his own superiors to aid Jews fleeing Hitler’s exterminating forces. By writing over 2,000 transit visas to allow Jews to travel legally to Japan, Sugihara became a hero. Now, through interviews with Sugihara family members and Sugihara survivors, and access to the Sugihara family archives, viewers get to meet and know an extraordinary man who had the courage to act on his personal convictions.

Squirrel Wars and How to Win Them

“Squirrel Wars and How to Win Them” is both informative and wildly entertaining. Whether you are looking for safe and humane ways to thwart squirrels determined to raid your birdfeeders or hoping for squirrel antics, take a look at this DVD. You’ll learn easy and inexpensive techniques for thwarting squirrels’ access to a variety of bird feeders. Along the way, you’ll learn about squirrels’ secret lives: how they live, who their enemies are, and what happens when they eat too many sunflower seeds.

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