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JPL Nook: Frequently Asked Questions



General Information

What is the Nook?  The Nook is Barnes & Noble's e-reader.  This technology allows you to read a book (in pdf or epub format).  It is not an e-book but will come with e-books loaded on it. All references to Nook in this FAQ represent JPL Nooks.

Why is JPL lending the Nooks? To educate our patrons about the technology of e-readers and introduce them to this emerging reading platform. 

Why is JPL lending only Nooks?
 Nooks were chosen due to several factors, cost, availability of bulk purchasing options and compatibility with the ListenAlaska Overdrive media library.

Can the Nooks be reserved? Yes.  Find them in the catalog, here

How many Nooks will the Library have?
 JPL has been provided 10 Nooks by the Friends of the Juneau Public Libraries.

What type of Nooks is JPL lending? We have 1st Generation Wi-Fi Nooks.

What comes with each Nook?  The Nooks will include: a Nook, a neoprene sleeve (which holds the Nook), carrying case, USB cable, power adapter (5 essential pieces)laminated instruction card and some printed promotional material.  Only the 5 essential pieces need to be returned to avoid charges. 

Can I read the Nook in the dark? No.  The e-reader is just like a paper book in that it requires light to read it.  It is not back lit and therefore easier on the eyes.

I need help, is there anyone available to help me individually?  Yes, feel free to contact the library and ask for the Electronic Services Librarian.  907.586.5249.

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Borrowing Rules

Who can borrow a Nook? 
Due to high replacement costs, only registered adult users (no Temporary Local, State Resident, Crew or Student cards) in good standing may borrow Nooks (no outstanding fines/charges/overdues). 

How long can a Nook be borrowed? Nooks will be lent for two weeks.  

Can the Nooks be renewed? No

How much are the fines? $1 per day with a $10 maximum

Where can the Nooks be returned?
They MUST be returned to the circulation desk so a staff member may examine it prior to checkin.  Nooks CANNOT be returned in the book drop.

What is the replacement cost of the Nook and its parts? 
The Nook replacement cost is $200 if it is returned with a cracked screen, or otherwise damaged or if it is lost.  The replacement costs for the power adapter/USB cable are as follows: $15- for both pieces even if they lose only one, as this is a set, neoprene sleeve ($15), and carrying case ($15). 

Can I go to Barnes & Noble and purchase a Nook to replace one of JPL's? Juneau Public Library does not accept Nooks purchased by borrowers in lieu of payment.  Replacement price for damaged or lost Nook: $200.


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Navigating the Nook

Check out these video tutorials to learn the basics for navigating the Nook. 

How do you turn the Nook on?
Press the silver power button at the top of the Nook for one second and let go.


How long does it take for the Nook to start up?It takes approximately 60 seconds for the Nook to start up and come to the Friends of the Library (wallpaper).

Why are there two screens (the top screen and the smaller bottom screen)? The top screen (the bigger one - black & white) is the reading screen.  This is where the e-books will display, it is not a touchscreen.  The smaller screen at the bottom (color) is a touchscreen and helps you to navigate the Nook.

How do you get to the list of titles? Tap on the my library icon in the touchscreen area (bottom screen) with your fingertip.  The color touchscreen will not recognize the touch or input of a pen, stylus, fingernail or other hard material.  Titles will appear under the 'My Documents' section unless purchased from B&N.

How do I get through the four pages of titles?  Use the arrows (forward and back) on the frame of the Nook to move from page to page and then use the arrows (up and down) in the touchscreen to move up and down the page. 

How do I read (open) a book?  In the touchscreen area, use the arrows to move up or down the list.  Once you reach the desired title - tap on the "o" to open the book. Use the arrows on the frame of the Nook to move forward or back a page.

How do I change the font text or size?  After opening a book, in the touchscreen area tap on Font.  Tap on Text size and select anything from extra small to extra, extra large OR  tap on Text font.  Select one of the three fonts provided.

Do I need to bookmark the last page I read?  No. The Nook automatically saves the last page you read and when you open the book again will take you to that page.  However, if you want to bookmark a page for any reason - in the touchscreen area, tap on Bookmarks - Add Bookmark.  A small icon of a book with a ribbon bookmark will appear in the upper right hand corner of the reading screen on that page. 

How do I get back to the bookmarked page?  In the touchscreen area, tap on Bookmarks. Tap on Go to bookmark then tap on the page you bookmarked.

How do I remove my bookmark when I'm done?
  In the touchscreen area, tap on Bookmarks then tap on Remove all bookmarks (it is only for this particular title) and tap on Confirm.

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Basic Care of the Nook

How often will I have to charge the Nook? 
 The Nook's battery will normally last about 10 hours. Your usage may vary.

How do I charge the Nook?  Using the USB cable that came with your Nook - the small end has a Nook symbol "n" on the top - make sure that it is facing up and plug it into the bottom of your Nook.  Plug the big end of the USB cable into the power adapter and plug it into a wall outlet.  Do not turn off the Nook after you have connected it to a wall outlet to charge.

How long does it take to charge the Nook fully?
  If the Nook's battery is fully drained (you will see a critical battery alert message), it generally takes two to three hours for it to charge to 100 percent capacity.

What can I use to wipe the fingerprints off the screens?  Use only a microfiber cloth to wipe down the Nook (not included).  No liquids, chemicals or wet wipes should be used to clean the Nook.

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What titles are on the Nook? 20 titles and 6 JPL Podcasts  are currently loaded on the Nooks.  Check out the titles, here.   

Are the same titles on all the Nooks?
Y es, each Nook has the exact same titles.

One of the features of the Nook is Lend Me.  Will this be available on the JPL Nooks? No, we have disabled this feature on the Nooks lent by JPL as we are not lending titles from BN.

Will new content be added and, if so, when? JPL staff will periodically add new content. The goal of this collection will be to introduce users to the ebook format and the various ebook subscription collections available through the library.

Can I add my own books to the JPL Nook?
 Yes.  Nooks provided through Juneau Public Library are pre-loaded with content and are intended to familiarize Library patrons with the burgeoning arena of e-book readers.  To add your own ebooks, simply connect the Nook to your computer using the included USB cable and your nook will appear as a removable drive.  Using the file explorer you can transfer files (ebooks without digital rights management) from your computer to the 'my documents' folder on the Nook.   If you are using DRM files or content from ListenAlaska you will need to use Adobe Digital Editions.    If you load your own content or register the Nook with a Barnes and Noble account to purchase content to the device, please delete any content you installed and 'unregister' the device before returning the device to the Library.    Watch "Side-loading Content Video". 

What happens if I add additional content to the JPL Nook?
 JPL will not compensate customers for content they purchase and load (or unable to load) on a Nook borrowed from JPL.  If you load your own content or register the Nook with a Barnes and Noble account to purchase content to the device, please delete any content you installed and 'unregister' the device before returning the device to the Library.   

Can I add library e-book content from ListenAlaska/Overdrive, Freading or Ebsco eBooks to the JPL Nook?
  YES. OverDrive, Freading and Ebsco Ebooks are compatible with Nooks. You will need the Adobe Digital Editions Software and an Adobe Digital ID on your personal computer, which enables you to transfer e-books from your computer to your portable device and will need to authorize the device (Nook) when promted.  At this time Nooks do not support wireless downloading of ListenAlaska content using the mobile browser on the Nook.  Materials must first be downloaded to a computer then tranfered to the Nook using Adobe Digital Editions.  Watch  "Side-loading Content Video"


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I get the error message "User Not Authorized" when I try to drag an ebook title from Adobe Digital Editions to the Nook?  In some cases, you may need to deactivate and re-activate Adobe Digital Editions on your device. To do so, please follow these steps:

    1. In Adobe Digital Edition (ADE), if you press Ctrl+Shift+D (Windows) or Cmd+Shift+D (Mac) will remove the activation on your computer, and allow you to reactivate with a different ID or the same ID when you launch ADE again.
    2. Press "Ctrl+Shift+E", this will bring up the "Device Deactivation" dialog.
    3. Select your Reader and deactivate it.
    4. Unplug and replug your Reader
    5. The Device Authorization dialog should show up, and you can authorize again with your Adobe ID.


Why did the touchscreen area go dark and how do I bring it back?  The touchscreen goes dark after a certain amount of inactivity.  To reactivate that area just tap and hold the Nook symbol "n" (in the center between the two screens) for one second.

Why is the reading screen displaying a picture and the touchscreen not working?
  The Nook goes into sleep mode after a certain amount of inactivity.  To awaken your Nook, press the silver power button at the top and let go.  

How do I adjust the amount of inactivity time so the touchscreen doesn't go blank or the Nook doesn't go into screen-saver mode so quickly?
  In the touchscreen area, tap on the settings icon then tap on Display.   Tap on Sleep timer and tap on a time that works best for you.  Tap the arrow on the left side (in the blue bar) to go back, then scroll down and tap on Touchscreen timer.  Tap on a time that works best for you.

I opened a book and it didn't open to the cover page but somewhere in the middle of the book.  How do I get back to the beginning?
  The person who had the Nook before you left off at this page.  Nook automatically saves the last page read and will open to that page the next time the book is opened.  To get to the beginning,  use the touchscreen area and tap on Go to.  Tap on Cover to go to the cover page or tap on Page and slide to the circle to the beginning or tap on Chapter to pick the first chapter.


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Video Tutorials

There are 13 video tutorials to give you easy-to-follow instructions so you can be up and reading in no time. Have a look