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Juneau Public Libraries Policies and Regulations

Emergencies/Building Problems

1.1 - 1.2 Reserved for internal staff policies for dealing with emergencies, building problems and equipment problems.


2.1 Rules of Conduct

2.2 Internet Use and Safety Policy

2.2(a) User Agreement for Networked Connections

2.2(b) User Agreement for Wireless Connections

2.2(c) Internet Use and Safety Policy Definitions

2.3 Implementation of Conduct Rules--Prohibition Letters

Public Service

3.1 -Reserved-

3.2 Patron Right to Privacy

3.3 Registration

3.4 Circulation

3.5 Electronic & Media Services

3.6 Reference

3.7 Interlibrary Loan

3.8 Voter Registration

3.9 Meeting Rooms

              3.9(a) Exemption list of CBJ Boards and Commissions

              3.9(b) Meeting Rooms After Hours

3.10 Exhibits, Displays, Bulletin Board

3.11 Nonprofit Group Display Reservation Request

3.12 Programs

3.13 Group Visits, Class Visits

3.14 Unaccompanied Children

3.15 Summary of Fines and Fees

3.16 Standard Replacement Costs

3.17 Copying and Copyright

3.18 Proctored Exams

3.19 Services to the Disabled

3.19 (a) Service animals policy of the U.S. Department of Justice

3.20 Public Faxing

3.21 Use of Holiday Symbols

3.22 Teen Room Policy

3.23 Valley Study Room Policy

3.24 Solicitation, Petitioning, or Distribution of Literature at Libraries

Library Circulation System

4.1 - 4.2 Reserved for internal staff policies for working with the online circulation system.

Collection Development

5.1 - 5.11 Collection Development Policy


6.1 - 6.4 Library Bill of Rights, Intellectual Freedom Statement, Diversity in Collection Development, The Freedom to Read