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Great British Baking Show


The Great British Baking Show takes three things that I don't particularly care for (baking - so fussy!), British desserts (fruit cakes, trifles, suet puddings - eeew!) and competitions that judge and eliminate contestants (so harsh!) and combine them into one charming, irresistible package.

A dozen amateur bakers from across the UK come together and attempt to bake the best cakes, pies, breads and more. Each week one of the bakers is identified as leading the pack, and another is eliminated from the competition, until finally the best baker wins it all. Contestants are primarily racing against the clock and their own skills, which gives the contest a more cooperative than competitive feel. The judging is exacting without being cruel, the contestants hold themselves to a high standard and want to win, but still support one another, and you don't have to eat that hot water crust game pie. Unless you want to, in which case, this show will inspire you to bake your own!

Recommended by Catherine



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