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The Wall

Written by Marlen Haushofer

After watching the recent film version of The Wall, directed by Julian Roman Polsler, (also available from the library), which is based on Austrian author Marlen Haushofer's novel, originally written and published in the 1960s, I was intrigued by the story and wanted to read the book. In The Wall, an unnamed female narrator recounts what is happening in the wake of mysterious and cataclysmic disaster, which has cut her off from the outside world. She has to come to grips with the fact that she must now figure out how to survive alone except for a variety of animal companions. Both the book and the film provide a stark and unrelenting narrative on the reflection of knowing self through solitude, the development of deep and meaningful bonds with animals, and the blurring lines between self and the natural world when immersed and connected to wilderness.

In the years since it was published, The Wall has been widely read and translated, and has been recognized as an important and influential novel for its treatment of issues ranging from feminism,criticism of modern civilization, and anti-nuclear proliferation.

Recommended by Beth



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