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Carrie Hepple's Garden

Written by Ruth Craft
Illustrated by Irene Haas

Carrie Hepple's Garden is another favorite from the 'reading to my kids' era. There is a cool kind of shivery feeling in the beginning as we learn of Carrie Hepple--the neighborhood eccentric. Then the kids' ball sails over the wall to Carrie Hepple's Garden! The children sneak in expecting to find a scary old "witch"; instead they are surprised and amazed at who Carrie Hepple really is.... The writing is poetic, the watercolor illustrations perfect for invoking the mysterious world of this book. The quiet message to not rush to judgement about people is craftily woven into this gentle story. Bonus points for use of the hedgehog!

Recommended by LouAnn and the Gagne'-Hawes clan.



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