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The Village: 400 Years of Beats and Bohemians, Radicals and Rogues: A History of Greenwich Village

Written by John Strausbaugh

The subtitle says it all: "400 years of Beats and Bohemians, Radicals and Rogues, A History of Greenwich Village."

Greenwich started as a country living community for the rich - John and Abigail Adams built a home there. It later was moved in order to build multi-family homes, became a theater, a stable and was then torn down. The city encroached and surrounded bucolic Greenwich. Still Village-like in scope it became a community of creative, unorthodox artists and misfits.

Strausbaugh did his homework. The story moves quickly, chock-full of American history, what started in Greenwich definitely did not stay in Greenwich. All the movements that crisscrossed America started here. The music, from folk to glam, the civil rights movement, gay and lesbian rights (Stonewall is here! - Dog Day afternoon happened here!). All the stories are true and Strausbaugh interviews and gives a history of what happened to the people.

A few of the names: Walt Whitman, Dylan Thomas, Diane Arbus, Poe, Cole Porter, Jack Kerouac, Robert Downey Sr & Jr, Jackson Pollack, John Waters, Robert Moses, Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, Edna St. Vincent Millay.

Thoroughly enjoyable, even if you have never been to NYC or Greenwich Village!

Recommended by Suzi

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