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Cover art for Summertime, All the Cats are Bored

Summertime, All the Cats are Bored

Written by Philippe Georget

If, like me, you are a Francophile, then you will love this book. A decent mystery, with Very French detectives, and language that exposes the fact that this is a translation. I loved that aspect of the book, it felt European and fun.

The title has little to do with the story, although there is a cat and it may be bored. A Dutch girl is found murdered on a beach, then another Dutch girl goes missing, and a third Dutch girl is attacked in the street. The detectives of the Perpignan police station are not sure if the crimes are related. The girls are similar in age and appearance but otherwise lack a coherent connection. It is summer, the heat is intense and the lead detective is undergoing an existential crisis (it is after all FRANCE!).

The blurb on the front calls it "A Perfect Beach Read", I would say that it is perfect for anywhere.

Give it a try! Cheaper than a trip to France!

Recommended by Suzi



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