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The Maltese Falcon

Written by Dashiell Hammett

Many people who have not read this book by Dashiell Hammett are still very familiar with the story of The Maltese Falcon, because of having seen the stellar classic movie version, starring Humphrey Bogart as private detective Sam Spade. However, even if you've seen the movie, you owe it to yourself to read the book, because the writing is fantastic. I've read the book many times, and even though I know the plot forwards and backwards, I always enjoy Hammett's vivid descriptions and snappy dialogue afresh.

This particular edition of the book includes photographs of San Francisco from the time period in which the books take place, to take you even further into Sam Spade's world. If you've never read The Maltese Falcon, check it out today. If you've already read it, re-read and re-appreciate Hammett's masterpiece!

Recommended by Catherine



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