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Cover art for Light Boxes: A Novel

Light Boxes: A Novel

Written by Shane Jones

There’s something to be said for books that in addition to being short, or a quick read, are also small in dimension. Like a great gift in a small package, I recently came across this wildly original small treasure, Light Boxes: A Novel.

Light Boxes was recommended to me by a friend with similar oddball sensibilities and in a nutshell is about a village at war with February, which has been going on for over 100 days and is devastating the town’s morale with perpetual cold and darkness.

Flight has been banned (it provides too much hope and inspiration) and all winged and other flying objects, especially hot-air balloons (one of the central character’s great loves) have been systematically removed, murdered and buried by a gang of mysterious priests. Each page is a prose poem from the perspective of a different character, from a girl who smells like honey and smoke to a sap collector and of course, February himself. Have no fear, The Solution is at work to overcome the unlikely seasonal villain.

I love this blurb by Detroit writer and a former teacher of mine, Peter Markus, "Jones is a writer who dares to play make-believe in this tired age when too much fiction is tied to that which is only real."

Recommended by Jonas



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