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Treadwell History Presentation

April 2017

"Treadwell Cave-in Photograph," 1917, by S.B. Combest. Donated by Mabel Burke. JDCM 89.50.002.

2017 marks the 100-year anniversary of the cave-in that resulted in the eventual closure of the Treadwell Complex. Join us for a free presentation on the history of the Treadwell Mines and the cave-in with Treadwell Society members Paulette Simpson and Wayne Jensen, and special guest Sheila Kelly, who authored the book Treadwell Gold. Doors will open at 6:45pm. Paulette Simpson and Wayne Jensen will present on the history of the Treadwell Mine, featuring historic photos and descriptions of the operation and life at the mine during the 40 years of operation between 1882 and 1922. The conditions leading to the 1917 cave-in and the events surrounding the cave-in will be discussed by Sheila Kelly. Also included will be the activities of the Treadwell Society in preserving the historic park and bringing awareness of the important mining history of the Juneau Area.

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