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Coffee & Collections: Mt. Juneau

April 2017

Pair of Insulated Rubber Mountaineering Boots, 1962. Donated by the Juneau Icefield Research Project. JDCM 2003.39.011A-B.

Mt. Juneau, or Kalé (beautifully adorned face), dominates the landscape behind downtown Juneau. It is the subject of paintings, photographs, and postcards, and also a destination for outdoor recreation. On Saturday, April 8th from 10:30am-noon, join us at the City Museum for four local perspectives on Mt. Juneau as a part of our Coffee and Collections series. Dr. Cathy Connor, emerita Professor of Geology who taught Earth Science courses at UAS for 23 years, will speak about the interesting history of the rocks that make up Mt. Juneau and about what led to the mountain's elevated landscape to form Juneau's stunning backdrop. Merrill Jensen, the Horticulturist and Manager of the Jensen-Olson Arboretum, will share photos of alpine birds and plants. He has been actively exploring alpine areas of North America since his young teens, has deep interests in both plants and birds, and enjoys capturing them across the seasons with his camera. Finally, Denise Carroll, a Juneau Parks and Recreation hike leader, and Sandy Williams, avid Juneau hiker, will talk about hiking Mt. Juneau and the ridge. They will share photos of summer and winter Mt. Juneau hikes and information for how to get involved in Juneau’s hiking community. Coffee & Collections is a free event, and coffee will be provided courtesy of Heritage Coffee Company.

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