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Things Shouldn't Go Bump in the Night

July 2016

Things Shouldn't Go Bump in the Night: Paranormal Investigations and Programs in Museums and Historic Sites
The Juneau-Douglas City Museum has been awarded a grant to bring object conservator David Harvey to Juneau to perform a collections assessment on iron tools in their collection. Harvey has over 35 years of experience in the museum and cultural preservation fields. Harvey is also an independent paranormal researcher with extensive experience on residential cases and historic sites from the decks of the Queen Mary to the cells and halls of Alcatraz. David is the former historian and researcher for The Pasadena Paranormal Research Society, and the co-producer, co-host for Altered States Paranormal Radio Podcast In the past 15 years paranormal investigations have become big business: from popular reality TV programs, books, and films to well over a thousand paranormal teams around the USA. Many museums and historic sites are now approached by paranormal investigators and teams to do investigations, and paranormal themed programs are proving to be very popular. What is this all about? This program will take place at the Mendenhall Valley Library.

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