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Coffee & Collections: Juneau Teachers' Tales

March 2015

Members of the Juneau Retired Educators Association will regale us with tales of teaching in the district pre-statehood, using the accounts found in their recently updated and republished book Juneau Teacher Tales, 1930s-1950s. Here are a few facts to pique your interest: In 1937 the district's Superintendent reported that the cost of running the schools came to $62,000 for a student body of 750. Native or "Indian" segregated schools were in operation as late as 1946. At one time or another schools have been located at Thane, Eagle River, Fish Creek, Tee Harbor and in Gold Creek Canyon, whose session began July 5th and lasted until the snow prevented access! Come hear stories of some of the folks who taught here 50+ years ago, or were students in those classes. Also, as recipients of a 2014 Juneau History Grant, which supported in part the republication of Juneau Teacher Tales, the Retired Educators will be happy to share their process of research, development and grant writing on behalf of the book with the audience. Coffee and tea will be ready for takers by 10:00, thanks to Heritage Coffee.

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