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Chief Kowee Dies

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JUNE 20, 1893-Our esteemed resident, Kola Kowee, chief of the Auks, died at his home here on Saturday, June 3. He was wearing his policeman’s uniform at the time of his death. Long a friend of the white man in this area, Kowee is given much of the credit for the discovery of gold here in 1880, having shown Dick Harris and Joe Juneau that route to Silver Bow Basin. Kowee’s remains were cremated with due ceremony on Wednesday, the 7th, at the site often used for funeral pyres beyond Gold Creek and near the new Evergreen Cemetery.

The Rev. Josephine Nickerson and Serena Christensen will hold services in the Log Cabin Church on Saturday evening and again Sunday mornings, and at the Bear’s Mission on Douglas Island on Sunday afternoons. The mission is held in one of the buildings of the old Bear’s Nest mine.

JULY 6, 1893-The U. S. Brewery has closed its doors because it was unable to obtain a license for the manufacture of beer.

JULY 13, 1893-The Juneau Mining and Manufacturing Company, operating in Silver Bow Basin, has rebuilt its flume to deliver more power and soon the mill will be running day and night.

JULY 20, 1893-A three and a half ton locomotive has been ordered by the Nowell Gold Mining Company to be operated in Silver Bow Basin. It will haul ore cars through the long tunnel to the 20-stamp mill now being erected. The company is presently carrying on hydraulic placer mining.

Archie Campbell is running the five-stamp mill on his Fuller First claim and has about 30 men employed with George Steller as foreman. The mill is from the Treadwell property where it was first installed a dozen years ago. This season Campbell built a road from Basin Road to his claim and has built a large boarding house for its employees.

The Huntington mill on William Bennett’s Aurora claim is now operating and grinds from six to seven tons of ore each 24 hours.

JULY 27, 1893-Red salmon are now running in the Taku and are being sold on the streets of Juneau at 25˘ each.

Work had commenced on the Greeco-Russian Church. The old log cabin that occupied the site has been torn down and the ground prepared for the foundation of the church.

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