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Digital Betty Vital Records

Digital Betty is a collection of Vital Records dating between 1898 and 1936 from Juneau and Douglas, Alaska. Local genealogist Betty Miller spent fifteen years combing through local newspapers, mainly the Alaska Daily Empire, to compile these lists. The results of this work were originally published as a series of paper volumes issued over the years. (The Juneau-Douglas City Museum has copies of the paper volumes available for research.)

The digital volumes found here preserve the titles, structures, and page numbering of the original paper volumes. Please note: the page numbers listed do not match the PDF page numbers, but the number on the bottom of the physical page.

The records are divided into six volumes. Each volume has its own forward and acknowledgements, as originally published but with some minor updating. Each volume consists of two parts:

  • First is an alphabetically listing which provides the page number in the chronological listing in which the name appears.
  • Second is a chronological listing which includes the dates of the newspaper, the page and column of the newspaper, type of event (birth, death, marriage), name, place, date of the event.


The PDFs are searchable. For most readers Ctrl-F will bring up the search box into which you can type a name to be searched.


These PDFs are for educational and research use only. They may not be used for commercial (profit-making) purposes without prior and explicit approval by Betty Miller. Learn about Betty Miller here.


Click on the links below to access the Digital Betty Vital Record PDFs.

Volume 0: Vital Records, as reported in the Weekly Douglas Island Newspaper, 1898-1922

Volume 1: Vital Records, as reported in the Alaska Daily Empire, 1916-1920

Volume 2: Vital Records, as reported in the Alaska Daily Empire, 1921-1925

Volume 3: Vital Records, as reported in the Alaska Daily Empire, 1926-1930

Volume 4: Vital Records, as reported in the Alaska Daily Empire, 1931-1935

Volume 5: Vital Records, as reported in the Alaska Daily Empire, 1936


The Juneau-Douglas City Museum has a collection of bound newspapers available for in-museum research for those looking to find the original newspaper article indicated in the Digital Betty Vital Records. Viewing these newspapers requires making an appointment in advance with the Curator of Collections.


Please contact the Museum with any questions or problems with viewing the PDFs or to make an appointment with the Curator of Collections.

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