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by Janice Taylor

Though the Kronqvist name was not prevalent in Juneau and Douglas history, this Finnish family’s influence flowed behind the scenes from the early 1900’s, primarily in the Douglas community.

Much of the following information was taken from a report prepared by Karen Paul following a big Kronqvist family reunion in Finland in 1991. Some was taken from Douglas and Juneau newspapers and some from personal interviews of long-time residents of Juneau and Douglas.

Fredrik and Kaissa Kronqvist of Finland had eight children. Of their 51 grandchildren, 15 cousins came to America. Twelve settled in Douglas, nine of them young women. They came between about 1898 and 1915, some of the early ones sending for siblings later. From these 12, descendants of many long-time Douglas and eventually Juneau families can claim Finnish Kronqvist ancestry.

Fredrik and Kaisa’s eight children follow. Those grandchildren who settled in Douglas are listed. 1. Anna Marie Kronqvist 1843-1924 married Gustav Nordling. Six children.

2. Hans Fredrik Kronqvist 1844-1930 married Maria Leena Johantrytar 1834-1908.

Fredrik 1863-1940 In Douglas by 1898, married Amanda Jaevenpaa.

Francis Edwin 1905-1943

Hulda 1908-1924 - died of TB

Fredrik 1909-1910

Aina Olga 1911-

Urho 1912-

Emil 1865-1937 Had son, married Erika and had two children. In Douglas by 1916.

Hjalmer Nikola - lived with Uncle Jaacob & Albertina’s family.

Onni Emil 1911-1983

Sivia 1916-

Axel 1877-1929 In Douglas by 1903, married cousin Anna Albertina Kronqvist.

Rangnar 1904-

Aili Alida 1907- married Loren Morris

Lillie 1908- married Lester Smith

Saimi 1913- married William E. Sparks

Arnie 1914-

Enne Eufemia 1916- married Donald Bergt

Glen 1918-

3. Kaisa Sophia Kronqvist 1846-1927 married Mikko Larinp Savimaki. Five children.

4. Matts Kronqvist 1848-1915 married Anna Loviisa Aleksanterintr.

Amanda 1874-1914

Ina or Ida Sophia 1876-1931 married first to a Laitala man, second to a Maki man.

Aina Albertina 1890-1957 In Douglas by 1908 or 1909, married Gust Andrew Wahto 1881-1946

Arvo 1912-

Vieno 1913- married Glenn Franklin

Tera 1918-

Doug 1920- married Doris Balog

Gordon 1922- married Jane Nelson

5. Karl Johan Kronqvist 1851-1872

6. Jaakob Kronqvist 1854-1907 married Albertina Lo 1863-1937. Shortly after they were married they settled just across the Finnish border in Sweden. Most if not all the children were born in Sweden.

Anna Albertina 1881-1959 In Douglas by 1903, married cousin Axel Kronqvist.

Tekkla Elizabeth 1883-1915 In Douglas by 1907, married Valtter Niemi 1880-1921 and had a boarding house.

Esther 1915-

Hulda Sophia 1891-1956 In Douglas by 1907, married Trygve Hagerup 1887-1960.

At some point it seems a disagreement of some kind caused Hulda to deny a relationship with many of the Douglas cousins’ families telling her grandchildren that they couldn’t be related because the others were from Finland and she was from Sweden. The census even indicates her parents were born in Sweden.

Dagny Alice 1911- married Rex Allan Hermann

Carl Ferdinand 1914- married Agnes

Ervin Edward 1916- married Patricia Brown

Ray Robert 1917- married Mary Metcalf

Annabelle 1924- married William Eyler

Alma Katarina 1893-1971 In Douglas by 1915, married Valtter Niemi after sister Tekkla died.


After Valtter died Alma married Alvin Bloomquist.

Carl Harold

Enne Victoria 1895-1976 In Douglas by 1915 and married Arne Shudshift.

Pearl 1917-1925

Kenneth 1925-

Melvin 1928-1941

7. Erik Kronqvist 1857-1858

8. Greta Loviisa Kronqvist 1859-1931 married Mikko Juhanp Tiitto.

Ellie Marie 1883-1959 In Douglas by 1907, married Herman Savikko 1879-1953.

Walter 1909-

Herbert 1911-

Alma 1913-

Jenny 1915-

Ben 1918-

Hjalmer 1920-

Elmer 1924-

Robert 1928-

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