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Polley, Ernest Edward

by Patty Ann Polley

Ernest Polley graduated from Juneau High School in 1954 and attended college at the University of Oregon and Arizona State University.

Ernie married Susan Walker in 1964, and had two sons, David Clayton and Ernest Mikko. He and Susan moved to San Francisco where Ernie completed work on a masterís degree. They returned to Juneau and Ernie was a special education teacher and worked for the Juneau Empire.

He moved to the Department of Education where he worked until his retirement. Following a divorce, Ernest married Margaret Frolyk, and they had a son, Nicholas Clayton.

Ernie served as a member of the Assembly during the 1980ís, and was elected and served as Mayor of Juneau from 1985 to 1988.

He married Karen Ryalls in 1997.

David Clayton married Kerry Reagan in California and had two sons, Myles Clayton and Liam Timothy. David died in an accident in 1997. Ernest Mikko and Caro Rosier Polley have a daughter, Madison Kathleen. Mikko works for Allen Marine and Caro is with the Juneau Racquet Club. Nicholas Clayton has a daughter, Kelsey.

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