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Frobese, Ellen Harju

by Joan Kassner Harju

I was born in Finland December 28, 1908, and was
three months old when my parents returned to the
States. On August 20, 1927, I married George John
Harju in Aberdeen, Washington. He was born on
February 13, 1906 in Ishpeming, Michigan, and died in April 1954 in Funter Bay.

I arrived by steamship with my husband and son
Leonard in 1935, as there was no work in Aberdeen.
George worked in the A.J. Mine; later he went fishing which he did for the rest of his life. He also worked as a carpenter in the off season.

George was mauled by a brown bear in the fall of
1947 near Pleasant Bay on the west side of Seymour

I worked for the Territory and State until I retired. I married Fred George Frobese on October 6, 1956. Fred was born in Nome, on December 12, 1903, and died December 10, 1978, in Port Angeles, Washington. He was a fisherman and electrician. Fred and I left Alaska for his health and better weather.

Juneau was small and everyone knew everybody

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