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McLeod, Jeannette Doucette

by Jeannette Doucette McLeod

Jeannette Maria Anna Doucette McLeod was born January 3, 1931, at the Roosevelt Hospital in Washington, D.C. She was the only child of Charles T. and Marguerite K. Doucette. She lived in Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia. Her parents were employed at the time by the Jewett Shoese family who had homes in each area as well as being the owners of what is now an art center, Wolf Trap Farm. At that time, it was a working farm and well known for its race horses. Later, the family moved to Massachusetts and traveled in the northern states. In May 1939, Jeannette and her mother traveled to Europe to visit her grandparents and were detained due to the outbreak of WWII. Jeannette attended first, second, third and fourth grades while in a two-room school (one side for girls and the other for boys - no mixing at recess.) She had to attend all four grades as she was learning the local language of Luxembourg and the third and fourth grades were taught in French and German. The upper classes were taught English. On Fridays, Jeannette would read from American authors and answer questions about English grammar, language and proper pronunciation. After a six month delay, Jeannette and her mother were permitted to leave and obtained passage on the last ship leaving Italy before war was declared by Italy. Seeing that all but three of the passengers were women and children being evacuated from various European countries and the stormy time of year, everyone was seasick. The children recovered first and had a marvelous time and probably drove the crew wild!

After returning to Massachusetts, her family was hired to work for Governor Gruening in Alaska. They took three weeks to drive across the United States bringing the governorís new car with Alaska ď1Ē plates. They sailed from Seattle aboard the Denali stopping at all ports to unload cargo, as it was the beginning of the fishing season.

They arrived in Juneau in May 1941, and lived in the third floor servants quarters at the Governorís Mansion until Charles and Marguerite bought a house on Ninth Street. Jeannette attended St. Annís School and the Catholic Church of the Nativity. She graduated from Juneau High School in 1949.

Jeannette married Charles E. McLeod Sr. in June 1949. They fished a 38-foot troller for five years and purchased a larger vessel Andrea. Jeannette was employed in 1950, by the Fish and Wildlife Service and then by other Federal Agencies in various locations around Juneau. She was with NOAA Commercial Fisheries, one of the first agencies to move into the Federal Building in 1965. She retired in 1988, from the Department of Energy when the agencies were being moved out for the remodel of the building. She also was employed for one year by the State of Alaska.

Jeannette has two children and five grandchildren. She is an active member and officer of Emblem Club, Business and Professional Women, Salvation Army, the Hospital Guild and Pioneers Auxiliary #6. She has been a salesperson for Avon, Stanly, Amway, Fuller and Watkins.

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